Gentlemen's League

Gentlemen's League is back for 2020

More information comming on the wonderful ZOOM draft.

2019 Draft - THIS. IS. RENTON.

This draft was held in RENTON. Photos coming soon...

2018 Draft - International Deluxe Director's Cut Edition

This was the first internation Gentlemen's Draft, and as a result the photos are in transit--stuck in customs. They shall be here soon.

2017 Draft - Sin City edition

The Gentlemen flew into New Orleans, watched Connor McGregor lose, and barely escaped before Hurricane Harvey stopped our flights.

welcome our newest member Hank!
the board of truth
drafting is tiring work
no Superdome here, this was the ULTRA-DOME
business is boomin
don't turn your back when drafting of this could be you....
one can't simply walk into New Orleans...
without hearing some Jazz

September 2016 Las Vegas

Thanks to Aria hotel for having us, and their cleaning staff for trudging through the mess.   We somehow survived.  Scroll down and relive the weekend.

welcome to 2016. Nice Shorts.
the pink stain really ties the board together
mountain view outside of our hotel room
vegas from the hotel room
'why did I come here, why?'
'this is the last round....right....right...?'
one doesn't simply go to the West Coast without In and Out
...that and jayaram is a mad man